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Santa Ynez Valley Web Design

| Richard Shannon | News

The Santa Ynez Valley is known for its beautiful rolling hills and oak trees, we should know - we serve the wonderful community!  Our clients have us all around the best parts of the valley, photography, drone footage and media production for stunning high speed and extremely well performing websites, applications and more. Our outstanding host of web design clients feature local businesses that count on us to perform quickly, efficiently and with a high amount of professionalism. We are there to answer the call. 

Web design requires a technical skill set that needs attention to detail, site speed, performance and the ability to navigate client needs while still maintaining high optimization values. We cover those bases, it’s what we love to do.

Because of how incredible the Santa Ynez Valley is, with cattle ranches, vineyards and all of its wonderful scenic beauty - we love gathering footage and media for online production. This area is rich with community, scenery and all the ingredients for powerful web design and customer reach.

We pride ourselves in the online development services we offer in the greater Santa Ynez Valley, web design can often be a confusing and challenging endeavor. That’s why we work closely with you to develop the design and functionality that is most relevant to you and your business. Overlooking online development in web design can mean the difference between reaching your client base and completely missing the crucial elements that funnel business right into your lap.

Perhaps, in today’s day and age, the greatest thing you can do to drive sales is to optimize your business online. Think about how much time is spent on our phones and what a powerful resource it is to be properly listed and discoverable online through correct website and development methods. Its everyone’s first place to turn when making a decision. Therein lies the powerful optimization we offer the Santa Ynez Valley, though web design, to harness that potential and deliver results.

Salesfield.net, is a network of clients that not only share a common goal, they also help each other in online web development. In the Santa Ynez Valley, there shouldn’t be any competition, online business should be strong and lift each other up in different ways, working together for an increase in sales and profits.

Often, it's easy to overlook web design and settle for less, in the Santa Ynez Valley it's best to stand out – it could mean all the difference. Web design encompasses so much more than just an informational page, its often your customers first impression of your business, their initial interaction with you and sets the stage for how they feel about you. Give them what they are looking for, and make it easy for them to find you – Sales Field can help, we can get you excellent search results and drive clients to your business.

Santa Ynez Valley Website Development

We take care of all of it, from top to bottom we have you covered when it comes to website development, here are just a few of the initial things we do:

  • Secure your domain and set up SSL
  • Set up hosting and storage
  • Optimize your site for SEO
  • Plan out scripts, languages, and additional functionality
  • Map out design and user interface
  • Consider any external tools needed such as backups and security
  • Generate an XML sitemaps and submit them to search engines
  • Create an error-handling strategy and have it ready
  • Create a file-handling strategy that is intuitive and robust
  • Optimize security settings and validate its performance

Santa Ynez Valley Website Design

Website design differs from website development, this is often the step that our clients are most interested in, it's the look and feel of the website, colors, images, and how the site is laid out for the user to interact with. We work closely with you to carefully understand what you and your business stands for, and how you want to approach your customers so we can convey that through the website. Its important to us that when the user visits your website and then visits your business that there is excellent consistency and the user feels comfortable knowing that both are establishing the same look, feel, message and level of professionalism.

Some of the integral website design steps we cover are: 

  • Working closely with you to choose colors and fonts that represent your brand
  • Incorporate, revise or create your business logo
  • Gather information, media, and content for your website
  • Create banners, headings and structure media appropriately
  • Produce and optimize video, footage and relevant motion graphics
  • Plan the layout, hierarchy and content directory for your website
  • Add text,content, images, slideshows, video, photo galleries, and maps
  • Add Google analytics and submit your sitemap to search engines
  • Check how your website looks and feels on different devices and in different browsers
Written by: Richard Shannon
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